We excel in AI for Medical Image Interpretation

Our solutions and tools interpret, measure and predict on MRI and CT scans.

Your AI Team, your Data - our Methods and Tools

We assist your internal AI efforts by adding Sustainability and Effectiveness.

We are your AI Factory

You just want AI – we build it for you.

We are Artificial Intelligence Engineers

We make your AI learn on its own

We don’t teach machines and we don’t program software for them – we make them learn on their own. For this, we use modern Deep Learning through convolutional, adversarial, recurrent or simply transfer-learned Neural Networks. Our secret sauce lies in our experience of 20+ years in Machine Learning. Plus in our internal scientific research, for which we cooperate with ETH Zurich and Microsoft Research. The result is a vast amount of tools and pre-trained models that we can pick off our shelves. For use cases such as these:

  • Healthcare
    Diagnostic image interpretation (classification, quantification, prediction)
  • Manufacturing
    Quality assurance, Productivity (photo, video and scan-analysis)
  • Retail
    Customer tracking, Sales prediction (video and sales data analysis)
  • Insurance, Finance, Legal
    Document analysis and routing (natural language processing)

Our Investment for better and less expensive Healthcare

Detecting and measuring clinical conditions in Musculoskeletal MRI

  • Automatic interpretation of musculoskeletal MRI images.
  • Use cases: Real-time second opinion, peer review, retrospective quality review, case comparison, etc.
  • Large catalog of detectable conditions (frequent and rare ones) currently being trained in cooperation with leading Swiss hospitals.
  • Prototype is in clinical trial (retrospective) since September 2018, finalization expected 2019

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